Blogs from June, 2020


Here at the Law Office of Eric Reisinger we are deeply saddened by the tragic events in Minnesota and wish that this were not a reality for people of color. Unfortunately, we are not surprised or even shocked that it has happened yet again. For the last 16 years, we have witnessed countless illegal and downright racist actions of law enforcement against our clients of color.

We fight against bad policework every day and will continue to fight even when the rest of the world ignores the behavior of corrupt and racist police. We know not all police are bad and most are working hard to serve and protect their communities to the very best of their ability under difficult circumstances. However, it is time for good cops to break their silence and start standing up and reporting the bad cops; not just because it makes their job harder or that distrust in the police makes everyone less safe, but because their behavior is morally corrupt and intolerable.

I have to have a separate conversation with young African-American and Hispanic clients, that though it is not fair, they will be treated differently. I tell them if they have encounters with the police to be nice, listen to what the officer says, do not run or fight them for fear of them being killed. There are bad police out there and they will do what they want, and we cannot fight them on the street. We will fight against them the right way by exposing the corrupt police for who and what they truly are. This is a conversation that I wish I did not have to perform with clients or friends and family members of our clients. I would desperately like to STOP having these discussions, but until a real change is made, it is necessary. 

It is heartbreaking that in 2020 we still talk about these issues. We must fight the fight in the right way  with diligence, persistence, and addressing the correct channels peacefully. We have an obligation to call out behavior that makes any of us less safe. When we shine a light on injustice, we are all safer. We all win!